Outdoor minipools – a SPA at your home

In the outdoor spas by Wellspa, you can enjoy a spa holiday at your home 365 days a year

You can have a great time in Wellspa spas with your friends and family and enjoy a water massage, light therapy, good music and the best company. Enjoy our spas both on a hot summer day and in the beautiful snowy winter.  

The spas can easily be installed in a freely selected space in your garden, on the terrace or indoors

Lounge line of luxury spas combine new modern look with uncompromised performance, offering in addition to eye-catching design, well-tested user comfort, effective hydro-massage, durability for years of trouble free usage and exceptional energy efficiency. Minimalist timeless design of Lounge spas, the modern outer look with straight lines blend well with modern architecture.

Classic outdoor spas have wooden cabinets and rounder form. These two elements make the pools look sturdy, with a classic appearance and form.

Main functions

  • Self-cleaning water system – the purity of the water in the pool is guaranteed by a special device that destroys the bacteria in the water with the help of ozone gas (O3)
  • Ergonomic massage seats - the water massage jets are positioned in the pool so as to provide the best possible massage for all muscle groups
  • WiFi module and control system – a quick, simple and convenient way to check the current situation in the pool, prepare the pool for a water massage and start or change the settings of the programmes without leaving the room
  • 4-season use – the pools are intended for use both in hot summers and cold winters